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Are there any shoes you don’t work on?

If you love it, we can fix it.  We are in the business of recycling, or upcycling!  If your shoes/item are beyond repair, we will let you know immediately.  We want you to have the highest quality repair!

Boulder Shoe Repair FAQs

Can you do custom work to make my shoes more comfortable?

Yes. We can take up or add more space to make your shoes more comfortable.  We can also add support to your shoe.  Come in and talk with our experienced cobblers to address your needs.

Boulder Shoe Repair FAQs

What if my shoes need more repairs than initially quoted?

Some jobs may require extra repair work.  We will call you if the extra work exceeds the price we quoted.  We want you to have a positive experience working with Boulder shoe repair!

Boulder Shoe Repair FAQs

What other services do you offer?

We repair luggage, color match and shine shoes, winterize shoes and boots, clean and condition shoes and sandals for the off season.


2500 47th St #1
Boulder, CO 80301


(303) 818-4596

High quality shoe repair in Boulder, Colorado